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Bluebird Industries - kitchen cookware for hotel and restaurants.  Steel roasting pans, steel frying pans, woks, caddies, racks, colanders, pasta and fry baskets, bar and buffet items and more.  What can we make you?
4000 St. Patrick
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
H4E 1A4
Meyer Canada -  We specialize in the distribution of metal cookware and other kitchen products. Our cookware is made by our own affiliate factories throughout the world, including Italy, Thailand, and China. We focus on developing high quality, top performing cookware, utilizing cutting edge technology and designs. We offer cookware made from stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum, and nonstick aluminum. Offering different brands enable us to distribute different levels of cookware to tailor to specific cooking and lifestyle needs.
5151 Thimens Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec  Canada H4R 2C8
Padinox Inc.  - This range of high quality stainless steel cookware features a heat-conductive bottom pad for superior cooking performance, durable welded handles and a flared, no-drip lip. Paderno's precise heat control, durability, ease of use and classic design make it ideal for both home and restaurant use. Our Paderno brand cookware is backed by an exceptional 25 Year Warranty.
P.O. Box 20106
RPO Sherwood
489 Brackley Point Road
Winsloe, PEI  CANADA C1A 9E3