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Berg - equipment controls beverage costs by reducing spillage and controlling portion sizes.  This results in precise and flexible portioning, consistency of drinks, reduced cost, better taste, and reduced liability. Quick pouring increases the efficiency of workers, meaning fewer servers and bartenders are required.  This translates to more tips for your employees, and, of course, happier employees. Berg equipment discourages and reduces theft by recording volume, count, and sales values of all drinks poured. A full range of management reports is available to ensure sales are accounted for. Berg equipment works in conjunction with ALOHA POS systems to automatically ring up drinks or to run one of many reports to compare against your ALOHA reports. Preprogrammed cocktails can be poured from a single dispenser, with separate price levels and sizes able to be entered. Infinity software can automatically switch between price levels, turn equipment on or off, and run reports at desired times and days. Compact equipment fits any bar area, and can be used in casinos, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys, neighborhood bars, pool halls, or even riverboats.
Time Business Machines Ltd.
17620 - 107 Avenue
Edmonton, AB Canada T5S 1G8
Tel: 780.483.3040   Fax: 780.486.2989  Toll Free: 1.800.661.7333
Italvine Ltee.  - Red Wines, White Wines,  Spirits and Liquers
9210, Place Picasso 
St-Leonard, Quebec
Canada H1P 3J8
tel.: (514) 722-4363 
telec: (514) 722-0463
The Premium Beer Company - offers a carefully selected portfolio of the world's renowned, leading brands from such renowned beer producing nations as England, Scotland, Ireland, and of course, Canada. One of the leading importer of premium brands in Canada dedicated to building each brand into a segment leader through strategic marketing, professional sales execution and the highest levels of distribution and service. The Premium Beer Company carries years of experience as one of Canada's leading importer of ales, lagers, and cider.
Unit 1, 1670 Finfar Court
Mississauga, Ontario L5J 4K1
Bus: (905) 855-7743 Fax: (905) 855-1067 Toll Free Number: 1-800-561-680