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Hydroponics Gardening - Find out how hydroponics gardening can help your garden  Hydroponics Gardening Hydroponics Gardening Lighting  Hydroponics Gardening Nutrients  What do I need for a new hydroponic garden? 
MEGA -TECH CUSTOM SHEET METAL - hydroponic grow gear ballast boxes, light reflectors, air filters, metal ventilation fittings "Canada's" hydroponics tin shopwe are a leading manufacture of activated charcoal filters, grow lights reflectors, fan boxes , ballast boxes and other hydroponics equipment, get components to assemble your own custom gear and save $$$.  make us your hydroponics tin shop!
8 - 6014 VEDDER ROAD  SUITE 144
Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics - We have operated as a retail outlet for 8 years in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. We have been involved in indoor and outdoor gardening all of our lives.  But we also realized how many people do not live anywhere near a hydroponics shop so we thought if they can't make it into to our store then why not bring our store down to them, so that's what we did!! We went online and realized there wasn't much out here but over priced retail sites that are charging way too much for the products they offer. 
137 Marion Street  Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada  R2H 0T3    Toll free number:1-877-CAN-GROW