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The Cool Hemp Company Inc. - (formerly Christina's Hemp Treats) is an earth-friendly, values led family business. Our Mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, all natural and organic vegan Canadian hemp foods to consumers in the most ecologically friendly way possible while supporting small organic farmers in Canada and in developing countries.
RR #4
Killaloe, Ontario KOJ 2AO
Hemp Oil Canada Inc. -  is dedicated to the procurement, processing, marketing and distribution of both retail brand hemp food and hemp body care products in addition to offering bulk wholesale, private label and custom processing. Our hemp food product line includes: hemp seed oil, hemp oil gelcaps, hulled hemp seed, toasted & roasted hemp seed, sterilized hemp seed, hemp coffee, hemp flour and hemp protein powder. Our hemp body care product line includes: hemp enriched shampoo, conditioner, hand & body lotion, bath and massage oil, moisturizing cream, salve and lip balms.  Ste. Agathe, MB, Canada
Hemp Tent - Hemp, bamboo, soy, environmentally friendly, fair trade and Canadian made clothing, accessories, jewelry, food, body products and housewares. Retail and Wholesale. Located in Parry Sound, ON, Canada, we ship our products all over the world.
63 James St., Parry Sound, ON, P2A 1T6

HT  - Naturals is committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of comfortable, durable and affordable daily wear garments that are less harmful to the environment and provide benefits for the people involved in the entire product supply chain, from the farmer, to the processors, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumer.  HT Naturals adheres to a "triple bottom line" philosophy which measures the human rights of our many employees, the environmental impact of our operations, and of course, fiscal responsibility to our shareholders.  HT Naturals is committed to producing top quality, competitively priced apparel though innovation and insight, rather than thoughtless business practices that exploit the environment or our workers.  In 2001, HT Naturals established a corporate office in Shanghai to monitor the quality of the garments we produce and the working conditions in the facilities they are produced in.  We do not condone or use sweatshop labour and inspect our facility on a monthly basis to monitor these and other working conditions.
1307 Venables Street

Vancouver, B.C., Canada  V5L 2G1

Telephone: 604-255-5005

Toll Free: 1-866-HEMPTOWN (436-7869)

Fax: 604-255-5038