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AAI Canada, Inc. - Manipulators with different Sensors. Intelligent Control ... High Precision. Harmonic Drive - minimizes backlash. Quick movement: averaging 90 degrees/second.  Manipulators with different Sensors Intelligent Control Can be used stand-alone or on a mobile robot High Precision Harmonic Drive
112 John Cavanaugh Drive, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada K0A 1L0

Applied Microsystems - has brought to market the first underwater mass spectrometer, arguably the most powerful underwater measuring machine in the world. We are successful because we understand that our customers buy more than simple sensors; they buy the ability to reliably obtain accurate underwater data.
071 Malaview Ave.W. Sidney, BC, Canada V8L 5X6
Contact Us: Tel:+1-250-656-0771   Fax: +1-250-655-3655
ASCO - A commitment to quality and service is the underlying force in the design, manufacture and sale of every item within  Valve Canada's product lines: solenoid valves; pressure and temperature switches; pressure sensors; combustion products; fluid control products; and valve position indicators. In 2003 Valve Canada was registered to International Standard ISO 9001:2000 and is proud to hold certificate number 000001 from the Quality Management Institute.
P.O.Box 160,
17 Airport Road
Brantford, Ontario  Canada N3T 5M8
Tel: (519) 758-2700  Fax: (519) 758-5540  e-mail:
AutoFarm - now offers you the complete line of precision agricultural GPS products, ranging from visual guidance to sub-inch repeatable RTK AutoSteer. Look to AutoFarm to provide you with a GPS solution that is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use, from WAAS-based visual guidance and assisted steering to sub-inch, repeatable vehicle control. Browse our web information to find an AutoFarm product that will fit your farming requirements.
1661 de l'industrie                                               
Beloeil, Quebec J3G4S5 Canada 
Phone: +1-450-464-7427  Fax:  +1-450-464-0874
Baumer - is an international manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of precision sensing solutions. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your sensing needs.
4046 Mainway Drive 
Burlington, Ontario Canada L7M 4B9 
Toll free (888) 373-5444   Phone (905) 335-8444   Fax (905)335-8320
Caledon Card Services - has understood the Merchant's challenge and made it our mission to provide our customers with great technology and responsive, knowledgeable service. Our credit and debit card solutions serve over 7,000 merchants in North America who process more than 15,000,000 transactions worth over $1,500,000,000 each year.
P.O. Box 81, 11672 Trafalgar Rd. 
Georgetown, Ontario, CANADA  L7G 4T1
Calmec Precision Limit - Suppliers Of Equipment To Ferrous Producers (Payoffs Including Furnace & Process, Spoolers & Take-Ups Incl. Furnace & Process Take-Ups, Instrumentation Sensors Laser Gauges And Test Equipment, Stranders Bunchers Braiders & Armouring Equip.) Suppliers Of Equipment To Non-Ferrous Producers (Payoffs Including Furnace & Process, Spoolers & Take-Ups Incl. Furnace & Process Take-Ups, Instrumentation Sensors Laser Gauges And Test Equipment, Braiders Weaving Looms Armoring Equip., Stranders Bunchers Capstans Closers
7840 Tranmere Drive 
Mississauga, ON Canada L5S 1L9

Durham Instruments - is proud to offer a superior line of quality measuring instruments. Inclination Sensors for the OEM Market  The single axis Inclination Sensors NS-5/E and NS-15/E are newly developed sensors manufactured in micro system technology including modern technologies.
Pickering, Ontario

Guildline Instruments Limited - is a Canadian owned product development and manufacturing company located in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. The company can claim a track record and an outstanding reputation unparalleled in the field of electrical metrology. Its origins date back to 1951 when a well known English precision instrument manufacturer, H. Tinsley & Co. Ltd.
21 Gilroy Street
Smiths Falls, Ontario  Canada K7A 4S9
Tel: (613) 283-3000  Fax: (613) 283-6082  Email:
Heaters Controls & Sensors - manufactures and designs heating and control systems for all industrial applications. Entire systems are available for the most complex heating and motion control process that requires Heaters, Controls, & Sensors. Heating Control Sensors.  Infrared Temperature Sensors.
1 800 279-9912 - London, Ontario
Instronics - Industrial Transducers & Instrumentation
550 Kingston Rd. #1116
Pickering, ON L1V 6W9
TEL: 1 800 809 7167 CDA/USA
Kaman Instrumentation Measuring Systems - Advanced Technology. Kaman's sensors are based on eddy current technology, providing Non Contact Position Measurement Systems that are very stable and repeatable, ideal for metal targets, unaffected by humidity, dust and other contaminants and resistant to harsh environments.

1 Scarsdale Rd
Don Mills ON M3B 2R2
Tel: (416) 445-5500 Fax: (416) 445-1170

Metex Corporation Limited - has been providing superior products and services to the process control, chemical treatment, waste water, industrial and manufacturing industries for over 25 years. Compact High Precision Pressure Transducer.  
91 Kelfield Street, Unit 4
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5A3
Phone: (416) 240-1920 Fax: (416) 240-7021
Precision Scale -  is in partnership with Cardinal Scale to offer Weigh-In-Motion scales. Both high-speed and slow-speed in-motion vehicle scales are designed to measure and record a passing truck's axle weights, total weights, axle spacing and speed. These in-motion vehicle scales are available with either quartz-piezoelectric sensors or strain gauge load cells. The quartz-piezoelectric sensors offer easy installation with minimum pavement disruption and can be used for both slow and high-speed applications. Multiple permanently mounted sensors may be used to increase the performance of the system.
Email:   Tel: (780) 463-0026  Fax: (780) 463-0711  Toll Free (Canada): 1-800-831-5657
7217 Girard Road  
Edmonton, Alberta  Canada, T6B 2C5
Satlantic - We design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of precision sensors and systems for the study of aquatic environments. In addition to our range of active and passive optical sensors, we offer sophisticated instrument integration, large scale ocean observatory solutions and data extraction tools that enable real-time operational decision making. Our custom design capabilities allow us to provide our clients with the ideal solution package.
Nova Scotia

Uptime Devices - Are Environmental Sensors from the competition. With integrated auto-sense capability, you now have the freedom to use any sensor in any open port, instead of being saddled with pre-designated ports. Plus, you'll also have the capability to measure, monitor, and prevent almost any environmental problem that could disrupt your network environmentsCanada.
6810 - 104 St.
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T6H 2L6  Fax: 780-432-5630  Toll Free: 1-877-463-7638  Direct: 1-780-430-6240