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Calmar Industries Ltd. - manufactures the Flow Control Kit and the Rain Booster for the agriculture and irrigation industries, along with the Cargo Carrier.
602B - 51st Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 7K3
PH: (306) 975 1999    FX: (306) 975 7175    Toll Free: (800) 561 7867
Central Water & Equipment Services Ltd. -  30 years experience with qualified personnel Dewatering of mine sites, reservoirs and lagoons Transfer or drainage of water or effluent through portable pipelines to distant locations Emergency water transfers for water treatment plants, construction, fire protection, mining, etc.  Portable standby pumping units Dust Control Sewer bypass projects Service available across Canada.
Saskatoon Red Deer  1-800-561-7867
Rain Maker Irrigation Development Ltd. - has been in the business of selling and servicing irrigation equipment since 1981.In 2006, we celebrate 25 years in business. Our facilities are located in Outlook, Saskatchewan - the irrigation capital of Saskatchewan. The Town of Outlook is located near Lake Diefenbaker and Gardiner Dam which brought irrigation into the area.
200 Saskatchewan Rd
Outlook, SK S0L 2N0
Vanden Bussche - experts will lead you to a greener world, utilizing the finest equipment in any of the following, irrigation methods. One, single advantage that investing in an irrigation system could yield, our constant answer is insurance. Insurance against crop/turf failure and insurance that land will be better utilized (increased profitability without purchasing more property). Combined with improved growing conditions plus -- for agricultural and turf customers alike -- the benefits of better product
Box 304, 2515 Pinegrove Road
Delhi, Ontario N4B 2X1
Tel: 519-582-2380 Fax: 519-582-1514   1-800-387-RAIN (7246)